Extra Circular Activities

Adarsh Vidya Niketan Pub. Sr. Sec. School Nahan (Activity Calender 2016-17)

Sr.No.Types of CCA & other Activities Date / Month
1 New Session Staff, PTM, House MeetingApril. 2016
2Inter - House English Hindi Writing Competition, Inter - House painting Competition, World Tabacco Day May. 2016
3Environment day Celebration, Inter - House Slogan writing competition, Inter - House Science Quiz & Declamation Contest June. 2016
4Inter - House Debat Competition, Eco Club Education Tour July. 2016
5Independence Day Celebration Aug. 2016
6Inter - House G.K. Competition, Examination, Teachers Day Celebration, Ozone Day Celebration Sept. 2016
7Inter - House Group Song , Solo Song Competition, Gandhi Jayanti Celebration, Cross Country, Education Day Oct. 2016
8Children Day Celebration, Pratibha Sammaan Divas, Inter - House Rangoli CompetitionNov. 2016
9Consumer Club Activities,Eco Club Activities, Educational Tour Dec. 2016
10Republic Day Celebration, PTMJan. 2017
11Annual Day Celebration, Science DayFeb. 2017
12Examination & Result Mar. 2017

Adarsh Vidya Niketan Pub. Sr. Sec. School Nahan (Activity Calender 2017-18)

S.No.Date / Month Types of CCA & other Activities    
1April. 20171 New Session Staff
3House Meeting
2May. 20171Inter - House English Hindi Writing Competition
2Inter - House painting Competition
3World Tabacco Day
3June. 20171Envirement day Celibration
2Inter - House Slogan writing competition
3Inter - House Science Quiz & Declemation Contest
4July. 20171Inter - House Debat Competition
2Eco Club Education Tour
5Aug. 20171Independence Day Celibration
6Sept. 20171Inter - House G.K. Competition
3Teachers Day Celibration
4Ozone Day Celibration
7Oct. 20171Inter - House Group Song , Solo Song Competition
2Gandhi Jayanti Celibration
3Cross Country
4Education Day
8Nov. 20171Children Day Celibration
2Pratibha Sammaan Divas
3Inter - House Rangoli Competition
9Dec. 20171Consumer Club Activities
2Eco Club Activities
3Educational Tour
10Jan. 20181Republic Day Celibration
11Feb. 20181Annual Day Celibration
2Science Day
12Mar. 20181Examination & Result